The Pegasus Foundation

Corporate & Business, Nonprofit

Overview Video

The Pegasus Foundation was looking to outfit their website with an inspiring overview video to encourage their audience to motivate action and build loyalty. Instead of telling you about the organization, we thought it would be more compelling to show you how The Pegasus Foundation transforms horses and inspire humans through the change in the horses.

The mission of this New Jersey based non-profit organization is to promote better understanding of equine wellness through the rehabilitation and transformation of horses who need a second chance. The process of restoring these equines to physical and mental wellness will serve to produce and disseminate educational materials (ie visual and literary) to promote improved behavioral training methods and supportive materials that will inspire and educate the general public as well as the international equestrian community. All horses will be eligible for adoption as a result of enrolling in the program.

Testimonial Video

Word of mouth is a powerful thing. Testimonial videos can bring authenticity to your organization in a way that text-based blogs and case studies can’t compete with. In this case, the Nordstrom family told the compelling story of their horse and how The Pegasus Foundation’s program set him on the right track towards recovery.