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“Starfield” 2016 Short Documentary

This is the 6th and final Skynine film in the Marching Titans’ documentary saga. The senior students of CB South High School share their final insights as they wrap up their secondary education years. We approached this film with finality knowing this would likely be our final contribution to the program. Best of luck to the future of the band!

“Clockworks” 2015 Short Documentary

In this 5th addition to the CB South Marching Titans documentary saga, we wanted to try something a little different. For starters, we made the decision early on to utilize a combination of vintage watchmaker footage and modern motion graphics for the opening credit titles. Throwing in some South-specific clock imagery to the mix added a nice personal touch to the sequence and tied in the watchmaker footage well.

Inspired by darker source music tracks with titles such as “Against The Clock” and “Time”, we decided to draw out some moments using high speed cameras. Talk about dramatic. Some people even described the last segment as the Empire Strikes Back of band films. This puts the pressure on us for next season… Sounds like we’ll need an epic finale for next year’s hypothetical Return of the Jedi!

“A New Era” 2014

This project was the forth documentary created for the Marching Titans. Like our previous films, the premiere of “A New Era” was on the night of the marching band’s annual banquet. At the end of the night, hundreds of eager marching band members and parents gathered around the big screen for the highly anticipated film finale. Many laughed, many cried, and many memories were shared by all! It’s always exciting for us to watch the reactions of the students and parents as they watch our films. As many times as we’ve seen the film, it’s as if we’re watching our work for the first time all over again.

Though we must admit, we can tell this band has become spoiled with all of the season documentaries we’ve created for them over the years… Perhaps it’s due to the exceptional love and care we put into each project!

“Always A Champion” 2013

Featuring the three time consecutive PA State Champion Central Bucks South Marching Titans, this documentary looks beyond the trophies and focuses on what it really means to be a champion on and off the field. This compelling story, narrated by the band members themselves, captures their perspective on the 2013 marching band season.

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