Maria Katsamanis


We weren’t totally sure what to expect when we sat down to talk with Maria for the first time. We had spent some time looking at her website and reading through her philosophy and we had a sense that she was different but we knew that we would have to see her in person in order to really appreciate her personality.
Of course, Maria’s personality is nothing short of captivating. Her voice, in particular, will lure you into her world like an Odyssean Siren. Maybe that is her secret to being so able to connect with her horses. (She would say no.)

Whatever the case, Maria’s approach to riding (and living) is what you might call “transcendent.” Her methods are timeless and her results speak for themselves. And that’s why people from all over the world seek her guidance, advice, and instruction.

Our goal for Maria’s video was to connect you to her personality and allow you to understand the fundamental underpinnings of her equestrian philosophy. That’s not an easy assignment when her musings span easily from basic horsemanship principles to biofeedback and psychophysiology to quantum physics. But we feel really good about what we’ve created, and we hope you enjoy it.