We are pleased to work with Hershey Entertainment and Resorts in capturing high quality multicamera productions of all of their entertainment shows. The goal of capturing each show is for general archive as well as for submission for IAPPA awards. The Brass Ring Awards are named for the rings given to carousel riders at the very first amusement parks, and the IAAPA Brass Ring Award is a symbol of achievement. And just like how a ring is an unbreakable connection, so too are our connections as a community – bringing out the best in one another.

In producing the videos, we typically use 4-6 4k cameras, 32 track digital audio recorder, and stabilizers such as gimbals, sliders, jibs, and shoulder rigs. Many are produced in harsh environment of a packed theme park in temperatures approaching 100 degrees!

Refer to our services page for more information on our multicamera productions.

multi-camera productions of using jib
Skynine crew works with jib, rehearsing shots for the next Music Box show.

Occasionally, we are also tasked to produce short performer profiles for nominees for individual awards. In doing so, we interview the nominated performer between shows, and edit together a short video that includes footage and other B-Roll of them performing.

Multi-camera production theme park
Best female performer being interviewed in the amphitheater between shows.

Below is an excerpt from one of the award winning shows, “Dance, Dance, Dance: Heartbeat!” produced by RWS Entertainment Group.