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On Location Video Production

We took a day trip to Northampton County, PA to shoot an artist profile film for American Archtops. Shooting on location video is something we do all the time but as filmmakers and musicians, we were particularly excited to be a part of this production.

Dale was raised in Nazareth, PA, home of Martin Guitar Co. He became inspired by some of the world’s finest instrument builders and ultimately led him to become a builder himself. Now nearly 30 years later, Dale is known around the world for his beautifully handcrafted archtop guitars. These are some of the most gorgeous instruments you’ll ever see and hear! In 1996, Dale began teaching the art of Lutherie at various colleges and workshops. It wasn’t long before he opened the Nazareth Guitar Institute where he shared his knowledge and skills with many students of all ages and experience. He is truly passionate about his craft!

on location video production and filmmaking in Northampton County, PA
Behind the scenes glance from Dale Unger’s interview

Most of our productions involve shooting on location video because it captures the subject in their natural environment. Sure, it’s easier from a logistics perspective because we don’t have to build a set or re-create an already existing space. More importantly, it helps immerse the audience in the storytelling aspect of the piece.

Skynine Cinema has the gear and crew to travel anywhere across the country. Need an on location video green screen solution? We’ve got that covered too.