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We were contracted to produce a series of football highlights for the 2019 Princteton University Tigers football team. The project required us to staff all games of the season with 1-2 cinematographers, capture the play-action, then edit a 2 minute highlight within 24 hours of each game.

Because of Princeton’s role in the first football game back on Nov. 6, 1869, against Rutgers, the 2019 season was historic regardless of what happened on the field. The Tigers were looking to do something that only the 1951 team has managed to do since 1900, and that’s follow a perfect season with another perfect season. Princeton has also won three Ivy League titles in the last six years, and these Tigers were looking to do something that only the 1964 team could do – which is follow an Ivy League championship season with another Ivy League championship.

Princeton was hurt by major graduation losses on both sides of the ball, including a two-time Bushnell Cup winning quarterback and two dominant wide receivers, all three of whom are now in the NFL. Still, Princeton has played with great depth the last few years, so there was a still a great deal of experience in the lineup.

Even though the season did not end up perfect, and the team did not clinch another Ivy League championship, they still played with heart, and made mountains of highlights.

football highlights video production
Brandon shoots sideline footage at a Princeton home game

We captured each game at a 4k resolution with a high frame rate to be able to have smooth slow motion options in post production. In order to deliver finished videos in such a short time, synchronization of many different cameras and audio recording equipment was a must. The radio call audio in additional to the multiple camera angles made each football highlight video interesting to edit and produce.

The other half of the project scope was to edit a final season film for recruitment. The film needed to be completed by noon the day following the last game.

Princeton Football Season Film Trailer 2019

Princeton Football Weekly Highlights 2019

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