Hershey High School

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“Into the Woods” Stage Lighting

For Hershey’s 2016 spring musical “Into the Woods,” we stepped up the stage lighting game over previous years by bringing in Martin Mac Quantum fixtures in addition to our LED wash and cyclorama lights.  We also doubled the amount of lights on the backdrop in order create a gradient of lighting.  Additionally, we brought in 20 additional conventional fixtures in order to increase side fill lighting.  Having the additional conventional fixtures also allow us to make use of more gel filters and gobos, which helped with creating moods of each scene.

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Stage Lighting Hershey, PA

Stage Lighting Hershey PA

Stage Lighting Central Pennsylvania

“Crazy For You” Stage Lighting

We were able to put our own touch on the classic musical Crazy For You by using more LED technology to light backdrops and scenery as part of the lighting design.  We also made use of special effects such as star curtains, and low lying ground fog.

Stage Lighting Dauphin County Hershey Pennsylvania

Stage Lighting Dauphin County, PA

“Once Upon a Mattress” Stage Lighting

We were extremely pleased to be a part of the production crew at Hershey High School for their 2014 musical production of “Once Upon A Mattress.”

Stage Lighting Dauphin County, PA

We deployed a number of intelligent LED fixtures to create vibrant colors on stage, creating a brilliant ‘fairytale’ effect. The use of these intelligent fixtures allowed us to apply color to all the different set pieces with far less fixtures – regardless of how the stage was set.  We also used the school’s existing lighting fixtures to supplement the fixtures we brought in.

Stage Lighting Central PA