Tattoo Magazine’s Inxtravaganza

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Live Video Projection & Image Magnification

Many passionate tattoo fans and some of the finest artists in the country gathered in Allentown, PA to celebrate the age-old art form of body art at Tattoo Magazine’s Inxtravaganza. The main stage was primarily used for daily tattoo contests. In order for the audience to see the intricate detail of the contestants’ freshly inked tattoos, we sent a live video projection feed to two 70″ monitors placed on both sides of the stage. With an audience full of appreciation for the art, there’s no doubt they loved seeing close ups of the fine detailing, shading, and coloring of each finished work!

live video projection Allentown
These 70″ TVs projected a live camera feed to the audience

There were many special guests in attendance including cast members from Spike TV’s show Ink Master and many other world renown tattoo celebrities such as Amy Nicoletto from L.A. Ink and Alli Baker from Best Ink. Needless to say, this weekend-long convention was full of talented inking, educational seminars, and bizarre off-the-wall oddities!

live video projection and image magnification Allentown
People all over the east coast flocked to Allentown to get ink’d!