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Live Webcast & Event Video Streaming

We have been providing our webcasting services for the non-profit organization Living Beyond Breast Cancer. It is their mission to create a community of survivors, sufferers, and healthcare providers, connecting them with one another as well as creating easy to find resources for the entire community.  Their Breast Cancer 360 programs typically involve a panel discussion consisting of survivors, doctors, and moderators.  Programs include taking questions from the live audience as well as the virtual online audience.  We traveled with the organization to various locations for these events including Kansas City, New York, Philadelphia, Denver, Baltimore, and Boston. Each event requires a live switcher cutting between three cameras while adding live lower thirds, sponsor logos, and more.

Livestream Webcast, New York, NY
Triple Negative Breast Cancer 360, New York, NY

The programs are produced a lot like a morning talk show.  We consistently are working with Living Beyond Breast Cancer to create a set experience more like television rather than a typical corporate audio visual approach.  As the project grows, we are working on implementing other elements that are often overlooked, such as furniture and set dressing.

Livestream Webcast, Kansas City, MO
Metastatic Breast Cancer 360, Kansas City, MO

We also have been working with the organization and venues to take a more video-friendly approach to lighting.  We use all daylight color temperature lighting that is diffused and spread very evenly throughout the set.  The result is a much more pleasing picture when captured through the camera that you can achieve with the typical “stage lights across the room” look.

non-profit webcasts Philadelphia
Expert panelist provides insight during a webcast in Philadelphia, PA

Occasionally, we have been challenged with including remote panelist via video conference. On such occasion, we implement additional audio and video monitoring for the onsite panelists to create the experience that the remote participant is in the same room.  We can then choose to use various effects such as Picture-in-Picture for the program broadcast.

Video conference webcast
Panelist hear testimony from a remote participant from Florida during a live webcast

In addition to the regular 360 programs, Living Beyond Breast Cancer holds annual spring and fall conferences, where audience members come from all over to partake in a weekend full of classes, activities, and speeches.  To learn more about Living Beyond Breast Cancer and their mission, please visit

Conference webcast Philadelphia, PA
Behind the scenes tech of one of the session from the LBBC spring conference

Here is a sample of our latest webcast: