Video & Audio Production

Digital media production requires more resources and expertise than ever before. The creative team at Skynine is ready to guide you through every step of the process, from early project development all the way through final delivery. Below is a list of video production services and audio services we offer.

Pre-Production Services

Pre-Production Video Services
Measure twice, cut once. When you’re working on an important project there is no substitute for good planning. We offer a wide array of pre-production video services that will hone your message and keep your project on the right course.

  • Creative consulting
  • Project development & storyboarding
  • Production coordination
  • Audio & lighting plots
  • Cable path determination
  • Power draw calculations

Video Production Services

Video production Services
Our production team has years of experience in all aspects of video production. We are outfitted and up-to-date with all of the latest techniques and technology required to create the high quality, engaging video that your audience has come to expect.

  • Stunning 4k image quality
  • Multiple cameras for various shooting environments
  • Various equipment support stabilizers
  • Teleprompter and confidence monitoring
  • “On-Location ready” with mobile lighting and grip kits
  • Portable 9 foot wide green screen background

Broadcast/Webcast & Live Video Solutions

Live Event Webcasting and Livestream
A broadcast or webcast is a means to deliver content to an audience who is not present in real-time. Our standard broadcast/webcast services include multiple HD camera, creative HD graphics creation and multi-channel audio mixing. Additionally, our fiber optic-based solutions allow us to deploy video feeds over incredibly long distances with very unobtrusive cabling.

  • Multi-cam HD video & live content switching
  • On-screen graphic content design and integration
  • Live switching of title screens, lower thirds and presentation slides
  • Extensive fiber optic solutions
  • Separate multichannel audio mixing
  • Delivery to television or web in real time
  • Same-day DVD production at live events

Audio Production Services for Video & Live Events

Audio Production Services
As musicians and audiophiles, we take great pride in recording and mastering high-quality audio for your projects. Great audio is not only a critical component of a great video, but it can also be a standalone medium for radio, music CD’s, podcasts, and more. Utilizing techniques for most effectively capturing, reproducing, and reinforcing audio, we ensure you’ll hear everything crystal clear at your next video production or live event.

  • High quality sound with an assortment of various condenser, dynamic, and shotgun microphones
  • Wireless lavalieres and handheld microphones
  • Boom pole and shock mount kit for on-camera audio recording
  • Voiceover recording booth
  • On-location multi-track mixing and recording
  • Concert level sound
  • Editing and mix down

Video Post-Production Services

Video Post-Production
In many cases, the real work is just beginning when the cameras turn off. Even though tape and film are generally things of the past, modern digital production still involves the organization, storage, and artistic synthesis of enormous amounts of data. With years of experience in complex post-production software and techniques, we are able to push the boundaries of what most think is possible.

  • 4k/HD Editorial
  • Color correction and grading
  • Motion graphics and design
  • Compositing
  • Animations
  • Video compression and conversion

Video and Audio Delivery

Video Delivery
Before your project is ready for final delivery, we prepare a private proof site for you to review and contemplate changes. After approval, we can deliver the final product in one of many digital or “hard copy” formats.

  • Individualized proofing site
  • Digital file delivery
  • Video compression and conversion
  • USB Stick Delivery